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Biohaz_X's CRX

Added by morenokiller
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    crx_tuner 04:41 AM
    Where did u get that kit..it is probably the Phattest kit i have ever seen..gimme the details
  2. #2
    knockoutkevin01 06:47 PM
  3. #3
    cantcmee3 06:17 PM
    Yo phat car
  4. #4
    romanM 11:48 AM
    ive seen that car in HCI.. looks good
  5. #5
    RacerZ28 02:27 PM
    umm,isnt that ground design's car?im pretty sure that unless yur mister grounddegisn,then yur full of shit
  6. #6
    taco 09:48 AM
    kick ass ride
  7. #7
    jdmcrxfreak 12:14 AM
    come on now thats the blackwidow kit its the tightest kit 4 the crx
  8. #8
    tmackbabe 06:36 PM
    It's a 12 piece ground designs 2000 black widow kit, the owner of the company owns that car. I like it more with the custom cf hood. That car is pretty ill though
  9. #9 jdm28j
    The owner of the car is Ivan Tampi, and Im not sure if u are, but those pics u have is of his project cars.
  10. #10 1civicpower
    Re: Biohaz_X's CRX
    i love this ride it looks awesome remind me of TRANSFORMERS!
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