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Thread: Does anyone use a radar detector?

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    Default Does anyone use a radar detector?

    Does anyone know if the cdn cops have cut back on VG-2 use? (radar detector detectors) Because they wiped them right out when they came out with them years ago. Pretty much everybody lost them or quit using them. Anyone here use one? Is it effective?

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    hear in Virginia they are illegal. it sucks bad

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    i ride with mine and have ended pu next to a cop, he didnt do anything but this is iowa so yea
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    I have a radar detector and use it, but i dunno what VG-2 or whatever is.

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    VG-2 is the name of the gun that detects radar detectors. Since radar detectors are illegal in all of Cdn then I assume all the provinces use them but i don't know for sure. Ont. and Que. do for sure. Most radar detectors now come with VG-2 protection, or anti-VG-2, depending on what they call it. This apparently hides it from the cop's detector, but, some still do leak and can be picked up if the cop is close enough. If you use a detector in Cnd, then make sure it has this feature. Mine did and it was a cheap $100 uniden.

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    i only use mine on the highway, because it fucks up in the city, picks up every signal....
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    I use one. In the U.S. fuzz busters are only illegal in VA and WA. You can buy good ones for about $300.. Some companies claim if you get busted using their radar detector, they'll even pay the fine. I saw an article in a magazine that claimed this. So good luck..

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    anything that interferes/modifies a radar signal is illegal. you have the right (in the USA at least) to KNOW when you are being observed under radar, but u do not have the right to avoid or modify the radar.

    As far as canada...I know a couple ppl who use V1's in ontario at least, and they dont get busted. Why?

    Well, apparently VG-2 guns are expensive...and not too many patrol cars have them. I was told somewhere around 10 or less cars in all of ontario have them, all of which are near the US border, since those people are usually the ones who drive around w/ detectors anyway.

    So my advice...get one, use it, but if u get pulled over then take it down...or mount it in a spot where its not noticeable from outside.

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    i want a V1, but have no green

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    i dont think they are illegal cuz they sell them in the big electronics stores wouldnt the cops stop them from selling them?

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    I've never heard of them being sold in Canadian stores. are talking about Canadian stores.......right?

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