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    Default Canada Info and events

    Post shows and other events here. all other posts will be deleted so whoring is pointless :wink:

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    well if theres enough of us here i'd like to get together once i get my bike
    i dont think the cavalier will last more than a 30 km trip

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    Did anyone go to or even here of the big import show in Lapierreville Quebec this last monday? Apparently it was huge, 600 cars and it was held at the dragstrip of the same name.
    Also is anyone going to the show in Toronto next weekend? I'm trying to go....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normand
    Ok, I must just be an idiot, and since no one else has asked, WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN????

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    he just bumped the thread to the top of the forum.

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    Now I get it. I've seen it so many times and I'm like, what the fuck is he on?

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