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    just wondering if anyone around chicago or milwaukee have integras. if so tell all here. we might be able to organize a meeting and go racing up at union grove. they open on the 6th! import wars are coming up :grin:

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    YO! what up dawg! J/k. I live near Chicago. You ever go to the stockyards. Rice heaven!

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    cant say i have. i usually go out to gurnee and laugh at all the people with slow cars. where are the stockyards tho? maybe well go check it out

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    i live in champaign... bout 1'30 from you if i drive fast...hehe

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    There near 55 and 94 south intersect near Cermack and China Town. The "Chicago Industrial section" is marked while the stockyards are nearby just follow all the other cars. The warmer it is the later they go though.

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    ohh. thats where a lot of guys go to race. i havent gone down there. i cant really street race any more. i already got out of one drag racing ticket and now im just going to keep it on the track. and off of stop lights. just too hard to resist.
    could have had a V-8...but why?

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