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Thread: New Accord Picture Thread...(Update)

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    what's that red button on your steering wheel.......OOOHHH MMMYYY GODDDD
    Site for 6th Gen Accords

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    has no one on here or anyone u know done anything to a 7th gen.

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    Finally got my rims on

    S7 Gauges
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    These are pics of my new project car. My 4dr is on page 1 and unfortunatley its been totaled.

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    ok i guess ill show a few:

    and my friend's S13 Hatch in the background

    these pictures are only when the car was washed. jus wait til i have a full detail and a nice digital camera

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    My car, 2000 accord coupe, manual

    The day I crashed it minivan turned infront of me, I cliped her rear end.

    After the repairs added a spoiler, black housing headlights, and some eyelids.

    00' accord LX manual

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    'lotta jersey drivers here
    my old 5th gen that i sold to some dude in philly.
    replaced w/ a 4th gen preeelooooooddddd

    for sale....

    and this is my bro's current daily driver...

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    94 Accord coupe - daily
    95 Accord wagon - show

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    Cool NeW 2 DiZ... BuT dIZ iz My WhiP.. HoLLa!

    My BaBy!
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    i like the tl-s/cl-s rims on the 6th gen accords, they look tits.

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    My contribution to the picture thread: 2000 JDM Accord SIR Wagon
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    Default Please help with my 96 honda accord!

    I need help I have a 96 honda accord i need to know where the fuse is for the fuel injection or if there is one !

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    new (filthy) to me
    211K bone stock
    another pic..

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    Default New Wheels

    With my new Rota Circuit 8s in bronze, but they don't really look that bronze. After I'm done with the body work I plan to paint the car black.

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    New to the forum. Just purchased my first Honda. 96 Accord LX, 2.2 Non-VTec/Auto, shaved door handles, projector headlamps, euro taillamps, header back exhaust. Got it from a tow company for $500. Original owner took his hood and bumpers off, along with a few other odds and ends. Car still ran and drove fine (little hesitation.)

    Body's in immaculate condition, who ever done the door handles done a perfect job.

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    my 92 H23A coupe
    HSAE (H Series Accord Enthusiasts)"A dying breed..."#19

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    Here's my stock baby.

    I <3 My Accord

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