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Thread: Whats in your computer?

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    Oh I truly think Win7 will kill Vista and ordered my upgrade disc but my RC and beta testing reminded me of the days of running Windows ME. I couldn't do shit on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXCellR8 View Post
    well, the RC can't be looked at as a final product of course; i'm actually quite surprised that some of you guys didn't like it. there's no doubt in my mind that Win7 is superior to Vista however

    as for the video cards... the 4890 basically is just an overclocked 4870, and since a lot of the 4870's have some decent overclocking headroom (especially when you flash the TOP bios) you're better off going that route anyways. if you get the 1GB version of either card you will notice a big difference when running higher resolutions, but both cards have 800 stream processors so they are still very close in the performance dept.

    not sure if i ever posted my full specs, so why not + i don't wanna ruin the trend here

    ASUS Rampage Formula
    Intel Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz
    Swiftech H20-120 liquid cooling
    4GB G.Skill DDR2 memory
    VisionTek Radeon HD4870-512MB in CF
    X-Fi titanium Fatal1ty
    Ultra X3 1000w modular PSU
    Ultra eTorque mid atx case
    Acer 23" X233H 1080p monitor w/ HDMI
    Logitech speakers, keyboard and mouse
    Win XP / Win 7 RC (x64) / Ubuntu (x64)
    Im not a big computer audio guy, but do you notice solid difference between stock shit and the creative stuff?

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    ^well i can tell you the x-fi is the best sound card i've purchased by far. if you have a decent speaker system coupled with a dedicated sound adapter you will notice quite a difference in audio quality, that's for sure. w/ the x-fi, there's also different modes for entertainment, gaming, and audio editing so it's almost like having 3 cards in one. if you are referring to "stock shit" as integrated or onboard sound, then the difference will be staggering. dedicated adapters produce a more crisp and clear sound than your average onboard unit and provide better functionality through software. if you like watching movies, playing games, or even just listening to music on your computer, installing a dedicated adapter is a must imho.

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    i kinda want something to replace my onboard audio. its reltek which is a good brand. but i think when the rest of the computer gets loaded up it makes the sound horrible. Im really picky on the audio.

    do all high end graphics cards have 2 different clock settings??? when im not running 3d games the clock speeds on the GTS250 are really low. guess it doesnt matter as long as it does what it needs... newegg shows memory clock at 2200mhz but everest says 1100.. gay and rivatune wont let me go past 1600

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enigma View Post
    do all high end graphics cards have 2 different clock settings??? when im not running 3d games the clock speeds on the GTS250 are really low. guess it doesnt matter as long as it does what it needs... newegg shows memory clock at 2200mhz but everest says 1100.. gay and rivatune wont let me go past 1600
    that's how my HD4870 cards are as well... there is a 2D clock speed (low power) and a 3D clock speed (high power). for instance, when my computer is sitting idle or running general stuff, it sits @ 500mhz... when gaming it boosts up to 750-800mhz. it's basically so the card saves power when you don't need the extra juice, so it's normal to see lower clock speeds whilst not running GPU-intensive apps and 3D software.

    as for the memory clock, there is a real clock and an effective clock... most retailers show the effective clock which is usually higher. rivatuner wont let you go any further because you can only adjust the real clock. i'm willing to be if you set the rc to 1600mhz you would net ~2200 effective.

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    i see what you mean.

    right now at idle GPU is at 301 shader at 602 and memory at an astonishing 100 but says effective clock is 200 so your theory makes sense
    it shows standard 2d and low power 3d,
    low power 3d clocks are
    and 1100

    i would die without having everest on all the computers

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    damn, dust is what's in my computer lol

    ...i just cleaned it out for the first time in probably 6 months and it was pretty nasty. the filter in the front of the case was completely clogged up and the intake fan's blades were all completely covered. i also noticed that the fluid level in my radiator is a little low but i don't have any more coolant. i think the system may have overheated last night while i was at school, because there was no video input when returned and it wouldn't come back. i think i'm gonna order some more coolant and move to foam filters...

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    ants crawl around in my comp alot.. i think they carry off the dust

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    why the fuck do you have ants in your computer!?

    aside from the dust in the filters and on the fans, the computer is actually pretty clean. the mobo is spotless and the video cards only have a bit of dust on them. i will need to clean those out eventually but they are a pain to get out so i'm gonna wait on that. maybe in another few months or so... or when i experience video failure lol

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    they are tiny ants and come from everywhere all the time.. one got in my screen, it was behind the picture but i could still see it, thank god it didnt die in there

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    I just put this guy together a couple months ago::: very pleased with it.
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 - 3.2Ghz
    RAM: OCZ Reaper HPC DDR3 1600 - 8gigs
    VIDS: ASUS EAH4870 DK - 1Gig mem
    CPU HS: Scythe Katana 3(?)
    Case: Raidmax Smilodon
    PSU: Raidmax Hybrid Modular - 730W
    HDD: WD caviar green - 1TB
    VGA Cooler: TITAN UVHT <<<get it
    Mobo: MSI790FX -
    Just made this system for about 770$ after rebates. I still have my old 19in samsung LCD, Some mouse I got at best buy, a nice microsoft keyboard, non-name speakers. I have a Creative Fatality headset with it. I am still using WinXP and it sucks. The Mobo supports 16Gbs of RAM at: PC2133 which I havent even seen yet on Newegg. The Mobo also supports quad-crossfire at 8x or dual at true 16x. I am having an issue with MSI's live update thing though, it did not install the drivers for my network adapters properly and it also did not install the drivers for SMBus. I am also having this bizarre issue where web pages load EXTREMELY SLOW, it is like I am on 56k again but when I download stuff, it is very fast. I get between 500-800Kbs which is actually better than what I used to get. If anyone has any idea wtf is wrong with it, lemme know.
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    ^sounds like you need to download the chipset drivers manually, and then install them through the normal procedure. the ones that came with the mobo, on the CD/DVD if you got one, are probably dated and you might need to download new ones. the SMBus driver should be included with that package. if the board uses an nvidia chipset, then you will be able to find the chipset drivers there.

    the web page thing sounds more like a browser issue than a connection or network driver issue. if you are experiencing slow browsing but fast downloads, try reinstalling your browser, installing a new one (Firefox) or clearing browsing history. there are a lot of things that can slow the program down... not just your connection. i would also scan for spyware just in case.

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    The drivers I have installed were obtained directly from the website and are the most recent ones that are offered. SMBus and HD audio drivers are still not installed although the audio does work and sounds pretty good. I will try and find the Mobo drivers from another site other than the manufacturer's.

    I have attempted reinstalling my browser multiple times and using both Internet explorer, Firefox, and google chrome. My computer is also completely clean of viruses and spyware. I use a large set of different anti-virus programs and spyware cleaners to keep it clean 24/7. I have run through AVG, Avira, Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware, and I have Zonealarm.

    It just doesnt make sense. When I go to a website, it stalls for anywhere between 1 second and 1 minute before it starts loading the page. once it starts loading the page, it usually loads it up pretty quick.

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    If you got a driver CD or DVD with your motherboard, I would just go into Device Manager and selecting Update Driver for each offending device. While in the wizard there, you can have it search the contents of the CD/DVD for compatible drivers. It shouldn't matter which version of the driver you use unless there is a specific problem with one of the devices or software. You might even be able to assign a generic driver to each device using an XP OEM CDROM.

    As for the browser thing, check to see if maybe a phising filter or background scan is running during web browsing. I know some AV apps will slow the computer down to a crawl because it is scanning. It could also be your firewall... check the settings in ZoneAlarm and make sure that everything is configured properly. Also check to see if the default Windows firewall has been disabled.

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    HUZZAH! I found the issue. Under control panel on my computer there is a button called "Internet Security Options". I have never seen this icon before and my other computers dont have it, dunno where it came from. Inside it has an "Identity Protection" slider that was set to "High". I slid it to low and my web pages seem to be loaded just fine now. Thanks for the help EXCellR8.

    I Obtained the drivers for the HD Audio device and managed to update/install them but my device manager shows another HD Audio device that has no drivers. The automatic driver installation from windows cant find the drivers both on the driver CD that I have, on the internet, or in it's own archives. I dont think it really matters, as I have been playing HD movies and what not using the HD sound card that is built in anyways.

    I was wondering if you could give me some input as to an issue I have with 3DMark06. The graphics tests are awesome but my FPS drops to between 0 and 2 during the CPU test. I was thinking that the issue is that I have a quad core but am using winXP, which I thought, did not support quad core CPUs.

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    ^I think it lags like that because the program is putting most of the work load directly on the CPU itself (i.e. processor is doing all the work). You could try disabling two cores by entering the task manager and setting the affinity for 3Dmark06.exe (or whatever it is) and see if that helps. I noticed the same thing happened with my Q6600... it would chug through the entire last section.

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    I was reading somewhere that 3DMark06 doesnt support some newer hardware and thus could be putting all the load on one core instead of spreading it out, which I have happen when I run alot of games that arent new.

    Oh and BTW, my internet is back to failing again

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    im getting ready to upgrade.. need sli mobo, found a nice phenom for cheap and a few other things.. i can really tell that the processor seems to be holding me back now.. playing transformers 2 in HD has some problems when it gets intense. a little freezing and such with the overload of graphics. im fairly sure the video card should take it like a champ, but the HDD CPU and MOBO all suck

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    I would definately recommend the MSI boards despite my little hiccup issue I have, it prolly isnt Mobo related tho. MSI was just rated the best performance Mobo manufacturer primarily for their Overclocking ability. They have the highest rated overclocked CPU (an intel I7) on their new model, got the thing to ~5.53Ghz~ and kept stable. I believe all of their new Mobos support quad CF/Sli or true dual X16. Most Mobos out there that can go CF/Sli can only do it at 8X. MSI Mobos also support the fastest RAM (PC2166). I havent seen any other Mobo support anything above PC1800.

    Are you the type that HAS to stick to one Video card Manufacturer? I was pouring over stuff about ati and nvidia cards and Nvidia does better when they are tested but Ati cards are more powerful on paper. It doesnt make any sense to me.

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    i was going to switch to ATI, but then i saw what nvidia is coming out with.. they have video cards that are small and simple like back in the day but perform like a geforce 9600gt, so i can only assume that soon it will be small gpus with crazy power.

    i already was looking at an msi board

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    i have to say i'm surprised a lot of you amd guys don't already use ati cards... because ati cards are made by amd! as for finding a new platform to build off... gigabyte makes some decent amd boards and so does asus. i'm not really up to par on the amd socket types but it looks like there's plenty to choose from. don't skimp though... having a solid motherboard will only help you out in the long run; benefit your computer's performance at the same time.

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    yeah but few brands make sli amd boards.

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    wouldn't be a problem if you just switched to crossfire... hint hint

    but seriously, if you're really bent on using two or more video cards, you'd want to use high end GPUs anyways... GTX2xx etc. using a couple of low end or mid-range cards isn't going to do you much good... as one powerful card would probably be even better. a lot of people buy a couple of cheapos and put them in a cf/sli configuration and expect wonders. little do they realize that more performance comes from lots of onboard vRAM and the amount of stream processors. sure, you will have better performance with two cards over one... but it's so scalable that you might as well just use one beefy card instead.

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    The two video card companies are pretty much on par with each other so really you wanna look at the CPUs that you will use. I am not the buy-the-most-expensive-thing-out-there kind person so I tend to stay away from alot of the new release stuff like the I7. The Phenom II processors are so cheap in comparison and have higher factory speed.

    What alot of people dont realize is that when you use CF/Sli, you dont get a 100&#37; gain from the added card, its more like 75ish percent. Using two low end cards in tandem really is not going to give the performance of a single card around the same price. I would definately recommend the 4870s. They have 1gig cards using GDDR5 with EXTREMELY fast clock speeds.

    This is the card I have:::

    It actually went up in price about 20$ since I got it.
    The fan on it sucks so I would also recommend this little gadget:

    You can modify the cooler really really easily and put a pair of 80mm fans on it. Keeps those high end cards really cold.

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