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Thread: Whats in your computer?

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    Abit AN7
    2ghz Barton
    1gig pc3000 ram
    GeForce 4 TI 5000 (128mb)
    SoundBlaster Audigy Gamer
    WD 40GB
    WD 160GB
    50x CDROM
    HP Burner
    Actually I was implying that waffles were greater then pancakes, but your logic works too.

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    asus MB
    AMD 2500+ (i wanna overclock it just for fun... I read a few reviews that had some pretty nice overclockings of em... 1.8ish stock ;) )
    512MB corsair
    geforce fx 5700
    Built in sound! woo wooo
    WD 160GB
    Seagate 200GB
    cd burner
    dvd playa
    and my case has a thermometer! 24.6deg. C bling bling must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still have chaos in yourselves.

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    amd 1800+
    512 pc133 clocked to 100 cause my computer cant handle 133
    geforce 4 mx440 64mb 8x but my comp doesnt support that
    onboard cmedia wave device :O
    maxtor 80gb 5200rpm 2mbcache
    cd burner
    dvd player
    volcano 11 cpu fan

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    AMD Athlon 64 FX 53
    AMD Thermaltake Athlon 64 3400+ Heat Sync
    ASUS SK8N NF3 PRO150 8X AGP 940PIN
    Hitachi 160GB 7200RPM ATA 100
    1Gb Corsai CMX512RE-3200 ECC REG DDR
    Black XDreamer II Window w/ 350 Watt Power Supply
    16X DVD ROM
    NU DDW081 8X DVD+RW
    ATi Radeon 9600XT 256MB DDR
    Xterasys PCI Wireless 802.11 NIC
    Sound Balster Live 5.1
    Viewsonic E90B Black 19"
    Windows XP Pro SP1
    Black Sicuro RW-360XL 360 Ssurround Speakers

    Assembled, tested, and shipped $2300 from

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    AMD Athlon CP 2800+ Barton series
    512 RAM
    MSI k7n2 Delta L Mobo
    ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
    400 watt power supply
    120 gb HD
    Digital Media Card Reader (free weee!!)
    onboard sound cuz all i needed was sound
    3 Case fans
    D-Link Air PLus Extreme G router hooked up LAN but wireless to my brother's
    In conclusion all stock.

    Recently bought an AMD 64 3200 setup wit 1024 MB Ram
    I used the 32 bit XP Pro O.S. and it really hasnt impressed me yet.

    94 dx coupe

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    toshiba p20-qr7, no mods

    P4 3.4ghz HT
    1 Gig of Ram
    128 meg card (Radeon I think..?)
    80 gig hard drive

    Yeah, its pretty good (does what I want it too) and its in a LAPTOP!! Gotta love the 17" widescreen, not to mention being able to pack it up and bring it home every other weekend
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    my pc specs

    amd 64 3200+
    1024gig pc3200 ddr400 ram
    geforce fx5700 256mb
    120gb harddrive

    its not hardcore but in the future i plan to get one of those asus motherboards with the SLI technology on it and put 2 geforce 6800 ultras in it i'll need a [email protected] kick ass cooling system and a high powered fan so i wont set my house on fire

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    My PC v2.1.3

    processor: 3.2GB prescott p4
    Motherboard: Abit MAX3 ic7
    Memory: OCz 1024MB PC4000
    Video Card: ATI Radeon 9800xt 256 With Fanless Zalman cooler
    Video Card2: ATI Radeon 7200 64
    Sound Card: Creative Audigy 2 platinum
    Harddrives: 2x 36GB SATA Western Digitial Raptor 10000 rpm RAID 0
    Harddrive Array: Addonics 4 x hotswappable SATA drive bay
    Cooling: Zalman Big Blue watercooling kit (cpu only) Power Tower :D
    Cooling: 2 x Thermaltake Ballbearing silent Exhaust fans
    Cooling: 1 side door Antec Exhaust fan
    Cooling 2 x Thermaltake Ballbearing silent Intake fans
    Powersupply: Ultra Xconnect 500 watt psu with modular cables
    Displays: 2 x 17 inch Envision displays each at 1280 x 1024
    OS: Windows XP with Service pack 2

    Server(s): down at the moment

    server1: AMD 2400xp, 512 mb of pc3200 ram, 1 terabyte Windows 2000 server sp4

    server2: P4 1.7(400fsb) 1024 pc133 500 GB Suse 9.1 Linux

    Laptop: 15" Mac Powerbook G4 1.33 proc, 768MB OSX 10.3 (mainly used for work)

    Router: linksys 10/100 4 port firewall /router
    Switch1: Linksys 5 port Gigabit switch
    Switch2: Linksys 24 port 10/100
    Modem: Motorolla SB5100 Surfboard cablemodem

    Network storage:

    80 gig western digital external drive
    200 gig lacie external drive made by porsche
    Linksys network adpter for USB drives.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItDiesToday
    Quote Originally Posted by TegHoe
    my new setup:

    Amd fx-51
    geforce fx 5950 ultra 256 mb ddr
    1 gig pc 3200 ram
    main hd: 60 gig SATA
    secondary storage hd: 200 gig
    dvd r/rw
    sb audigy 2 platinum
    firewire, usb, other ports for memory sticks and shat
    5.1 speakers
    17" lcd monitor

    I want to water cool and overclock the fx-51, but considering it was 700 bucks, im not going to, although itd be insane. Im also going to buy more ram soon since im sporting the tizight 64 bit processor.
    what OS are you running??
    Xp professional.

    When is 64 bit windows coming out?
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    yar i have a dell (wanted to build one myself but didnt have the $$)

    its a p4 1.6ghz
    512 pc2100
    80gig hdd
    (upgraded video card) ati 9800
    dvd rom

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    iMac G5
    160gb HD

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    Vaio GRS-700k
    512mb PC2700
    40Gb HDD
    Radeon 7500

    Oldest Honda on HHU.

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    3.2ghz P4
    1 gig of ddr
    100 gig hard drive

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    AMD Athlon64 3200+
    1gb PC3200 RAM
    2x 40gb Maxtor 10k RPM SATA hard drives in a RAID 0 array
    ATI Radeon 9600XT

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    P4 2.8
    Asus P4P800 motherboard
    1 gig of dual channel ram
    ati radeon 9600xt 256 mb
    36.7 10,000 rm Maxtor scsi drive
    200 gig 7200 seagate sata
    lite on cd burner
    micro advantage dvd burner
    scsi control card

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    anybody else runnin a scsi hard drive, or am I the only one?
    just curious.

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    p4 3.0 w/ ht
    512 pc 3200
    200 gb hd
    120 gb wd hd

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    Amd Athlon 64 bit 2800+ running 1.87 GhZ (thinkin about overclocking to 2 GhZ even)
    Ati Radeon 9600SE
    1 gig of ram
    Asus KV8 Pro "uGuru" motherboard
    WD 120 gig HDD

    Pretty sweet if I say so myself

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    AMD XP 2100+ running at 2.21GHz
    Corsair XMS3200 running at 420MHz
    Abit NF7-S 2.0 Mobo
    Abit GF-4 Ti4200
    (2) WD 80GB 7200RPM HD's

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    AMD XP 3000+
    Dvd 16x Burner
    512DDR 3200 Ram
    128MB Gefore Video Card
    80gig hardrive
    16bit sound blaster

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    Quote Originally Posted by Low_Rent_Lathario
    anybody else runnin a scsi hard drive, or am I the only one?
    just curious.
    Unless the SCSI equpitment is either A. in a server with a lot of traffic, or B. Somewhat old, I dont see any purpose to go out and spend the money on a scsi drive/card/cables...

    For a much cheaper price you can get SATA hard drives which run (in home usage) the same as SCSI if not faster in some situations.

    Im very happy with my WD 36 raptors 10,000 rpm SATA drives in my raid 0 array. which costed me about half the price of a SCSI setup.

    I dunno, maybe thats why you are one of the few running SCSI drives.

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    my workstation / gaming computer
    2 x 36 gig WD Raptors 10,000 rpm RAID 0
    ATI Radeon 9800 XT (with thermaltake heat spreader)
    500 watt ultra power supply
    Creative Audigy platinum 2
    sony dru dvdrw
    ABIT Ic7 Max3 motherboard
    Zalman Watercooler blue tower
    1 gig 2 x 512 pc 4000 OCz ram
    Logitec DiNovo bluetooth keyboard and mouse
    APPLE 20 inch Cinema Display

    here is my network rack.

    starting from the top

    1. Linksys/Cisco 802.11g camera
    2. 2 u cover
    3. 2 u wire managment (thanks jay)
    4. 1 u SMC gigabit switch
    5. 1 u SMC gigabit switch
    6. Linksys/Cisco Router
    7. 1 u 24 port Linksys 10/100 switch
    8. more cable managment 2 u
    9. 1 u slide out tray (thanks jay heh)
    10.2 u cover
    11.2 u shelf (with 280 gigs of external storage and a linksys network storage link)
    12.4 u Windows 2k server 1 gig of ram half a tera of hd space
    13.4 u Suse 9.1 linux server about 300 gig of hd space (not sure what im doing with this server)
    14.1 u rackmounted powerstrip
    15. (way at the bottom) optiups 3 u UPS
    and i rackmountd a 17 inch lcd to the side of the rack using a VESA wall mount.

    Then my media computer is a Toshiba laptop 1.8 Pentium M with a gig of pc2700 ram

    and my Mac = Powerbook G4 15" book with 1.33 processor and 1 gig of Samsung pc2700 ram

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    What exactly do you do with all that? Looks nice though.

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    My setup goes like this:

    AMD Athlon 2800+ running 1.87 w/ Hyper Transport
    Western Digital 120 gig hard drive
    x2 512 sticks of DDR ram
    Asus KV8-Pro with a Flashed BIOS to fix overheating problems
    Ati Radeon 9600SE

    Thats about it. I forgot my 3dMark05 score, I'll dl 03 and see what I mark at

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    :o is all I can say after reading this post.

    This sig makes me feel 16 again.

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