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Thread: exhaust fitment

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    Default exhaust fitment

    anybody knows if 5 zigen fireball axle back exhaust angles out or sits straight?and what catback system sits properly on 97 Ek hatchback,apex ws,dc sports,tanabe hyper any suggestions welcomed

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    I'm not sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless

    I'm not sure.

    i'm not either

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    Looks like somebody got drunk and passed out on the

    Enter key
    Wtf? Heres a tip for ya newbie....this kinda shit isnt going to get you a serious answer anytime soon.

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    gay thread, but this belongs into the civic forum
    where the fuck is jayhan? i want his babies

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    i didnt get drunk and press the enter key

    Its just super fun
    "Fast and the Furious"

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