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Thread: All you canadians!

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    Default All you canadians!

    Hey .. im from canada and i live in the Ontario/Hamilton Area.. anyone else around here? i would love to find out and get to know some of you guys/girls better!!! so if your in the area let me know @!

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    HEY I AM KINDA CLOSE TO YOU. If by close you mean a day or so. Osrry dude, i guess i am kinda turning into a post whore because i jsut HAVE to reply to this one, even though i live in Winnipeg!

    P.S how you like the rain we sent you!!!!!!!!!
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    no one lives even remotly near me...... im so depressed and lonely..

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    there were 2 other guys from winnipeg on this board. Then i only ever heard from one. I wish there was somone here who owned a 4th like me so i could see it and we could swap ideas!
    1990 Honda Accord Ex

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    I live in burlington (right bside hamilton) and in Milton (30 min away)

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    haha you guys are ewy gooey

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