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Thread: indiglo gauges

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    does anyone know if they make indiglo gauges for 2000 type r??

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    would u really ruin a sweet gauge cluster like the integra R one with ricey indagays? hey if u want ill trade u my gsr cluster for your ITR one and ill even throw in a set of indiglows for free

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    i agree..keep the stock gauges....its a messy process to change them anyway

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    If you want to do anything to your cluster, get something like this:

    ITR powered civic hatch: Parted and sold.

    Goodbye Honda.

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    GRRRRRR!!! :mad:

    If you really are that stupid...I'll gladly take your TypeR Cluster.

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    i'll give you some gsr indiglos and 50 bucks for your itr gauges!!!

    seriously man, don't get rid of the stock gauges.
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