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    I'll buy your INTEGRA (front and rear) or RSX leather (fronts only) seats (Black or Grey) please e-mail me
    [email protected]

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    i'll trade your undevoted love and affection for mine.

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    If I were you I wouldn't go for leather. They're neat and all and you get to tell people that you have leather seats, but it three years they are going to turn to crap. If you live somewhere hot, the heat will crack the leather and you'll be fooked. If you live where there is alot of rain or snow, your leather will probably get wet, then get stiff and hard. It's not worth it. I live in Colorado so I get the crap from both worlds, my seats are cracked and tuff. Not cool. Besides, in the heat your back will get all sweaty 'cuz leather doesn't breathe.
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    LEATHER FUCKING SUCKS! Especially Integra leather seats.. I wish I had cloth!!!

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    hmmm..... lets thank the type r design.

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    On 2002-04-29 15:59, archtctura wrote:
    I'll buy your INTEGRA (front and rear) or RSX leather (fronts only) seats (Black or Grey) please e-mail me
    [email protected]
    C'mon man, I'm a noob and I know to go to classified for these things.
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    I will send pictures of mine to you if you want. Your e-mail link doesn't work. Make me and offer.

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