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Thread: hi I need a integra 94-01

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    Hi I need a acura integra 94-01 for the price of $200-1500 dollars really bad I would apprecaite anybody that could help :grin:

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    are u stupid? theres no way anybody would sell u a 94 up integra for 1500 bucks unless it was completely stripped. ie no engine, interior, anything. n00b! don't be dumb.

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    What is a resonable price I just want one to work on it doesn't have to be perfect I'm going to fix it up but my funds are low what do you suggest

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    --IA--Imports Anonymous--CC--
    even though im not in there yet!!bastards
    ohh yeah.....
    98 Civic EX
    working on body kit and Jap wheels
    coming soon...... race type 5th or 6th gen once i fin

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    thats crazy bro. if you find one that cheap its going to be wrecked really REALLY bad.

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    You can get a Civic for that much

    4th Gens for sure, 5th Gens are not impossible to find for that price.

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