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Thread: 95 vs 96 integra

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    My budged will allow a 95 or a 96 integra based on blue book in my area.

    Are there any serous changes from 95 to 96 like suspension or other things?

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    if im not mistaken, the 95 integra's are OBD1. I cant remember if the 94-95s are OBD1 or if just the 94's are. Other than that there is no difference. if the 95's are OBD1 i would go with that.

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    Sup epy, try looking for the best bang for u'r buck. I mean look at the condition of the cars themselves and go for the better one of the two years. Personaly i would go with the newer year of the two.

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    but if he goes with the 96, he will get OBD2 and that wouldn't be good for mods.

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    the cleanest and best running you can get. preferebly OBD1 (94-95), and try to get one that has had 1 owner, and the obvious other used car rules...
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    94-95 Has OBD 1 and u can reset the ECU as many times as you want for your mods. I would get the 95. Everything else is the same.

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    what is the difference between obd1 and obd2? reason i ask is that i'm new to gsr's and i just bought a 95. why is mine better for mods than say a newer one?

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    obd1 doesn't have a sensor in the cat. that one less sensor allows for the mods you put on the engine to make more of a difference. don't ask me how i don't know the specifics of it, just be happy you have obd1.

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    i thought that obd1 is just better if u do a swap? And i'm sure that if u had a gsr u wouldnt do a swap, so theres no diff, except that u cant change ur cat cuz it has an o2 sensor in it.

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    Yup, go for a 94-95. More tuner freindly all around and the older the cheaper. Id rather buy an older car cheaper as long as its in good shape.

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    u guys make it seem like the car will be slow because its obd2.

    obd1 (95 and earlier cars) does not have a secondary o2 (oxygen) sensor in the catalytic converter...

    which means that its not as sensitive to emissions as much as

    obd2 (96+) which have a 2nd o2 sensor inside the cat...this provides the ecu with more accurate readings as to the emissions of the vehicle. obvisoly, the manufacturer wants to cleanest emissions possible, and if the catalyic converter isn't doing its job, or if there is something wrong w/ the car, it will throw a Check Engine Light..

    OBD (on board diagnostics) are part of EVERY car, not just honda.

    go here for more info

    but just because the car is obd2, doesnt mean much at all...obviously the more u try to get the car to burn "clean", the less performance you are going to have...however, chips, standalone and other methods allow u to mod freely w/o having to worry about throwing a code

    besides, for the mods that *most* people do, which is intake, header, exhaust, maybe ignition, pullies, etc...its just bolt ons...the internals are still the same so i doubt if u'll throw a CEL from just bolt ons.

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    Toda, once again you beat me to the technical Mombo Jumbo.
    Allow me to elaborate further,
    OBD I cars DO have a O2 sensor in the cat but lacks the secondary senor as found in OBD II cars as Toda explained. However, more sensors result in more sensitive diagnostics. As a factory vehicle this is great. The ECU can now have a wider view of whatís going on with the motor and keep the engine running at its optimum performance. In stock form you will not notice a difference. However, when you start to heavily modify the vehicle more drastic differences can be noticed. If I remember correctly I can recall a dyno test between an OBD I '95 GSR and an OBD II '98 GSR adding a AEM CAI. Both vehicles were stock however; with the intake install the '95 registered at a 13.9 HP increase. The '98 registered around 7 HP increase. They then swapped out the OBD II ECU for a J-spec OBD 0 unit and got greater increases then the '95 GSR. Now this isnít the result for every car but it can somewhat give you an idea on how it goes. It's all in the ECU, as Toda explained, if you plan to swap out the ECU on the car with a Standalone or pre-tuned ECU, then it wonít matter whether you have a í94 or 2001 GSR because the computer will be re-programmed to read altered specs.

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    I heard 95 Integ's Gain more horse then the other newer models :eek:

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