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    I was wondering what rims you guys like? i was thinking about some lightweight racing rims maybe? and are narayama rims godd?

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    Volk Racing/Gram Lites
    Racing Harts

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    I have Kosei K1 Racing Rims, Anthracite painted, 17 x 7.5, and every time they are off my car at the races somebody picks them up amazed at how light they are. I love the rims. Color is closer to my car color than black and subsequently looks better. Wrapped in Sumitomo HTRZII 215/40WR17 (rated at 168 mph, wish it could go that fast) the rims and tires weigh about 35 lbs apiece.

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    i like the advan rims but they are mad expensive

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    pretty much said it all except forgot spoon.

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    anyone have any other rims that they like that arnt to expensive. i was thinkin maby like a 7 spoke rim.

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    Forget what WE like. Its your car, get the wheels YOU like.

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    I just want to get an idea of some wheels to look at. there are so many out there.

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    On 2002-04-23 21:41, purcivic98 wrote:
    pretty much said it all except forgot spoon.

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    There's many wheels to choose from. These days, companies like Rota are making knock off wheels...such as the Rota Slipstream, which is a copy of the Spoon SW388 flat black wheel.

    Only problem lies in that the more expensive wheels ( racing hart, spoon, advan, mugen, regamaster, buddy club p1 qf) are all FORGED.

    the Rotas and other knockoffs are still cast, yet lighter than normal stock oem wheels.

    For street use, I forsee no real problems with the cast versions...


    if you are considering any type of real racing, i suggest you stay away from the knockoffs..

    and btw, the Kosei K1's are an excellent wheel, as well as the SSR Competitions (but the SSR's are a bit expensive)

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    Im gonna be going to the track every so often but im not gonna be doing racing all the time. so would lke konigs or enkeis be good?

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    Default, it's a pretty cool site to find out how much rims you might like weigh, personally I like the Racing Hart CP-035's

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