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Thread: Favorite Game of All Time?

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    Default Favorite Game of All Time?

    What is your favorite game ever? Mine is Vice City. It cool. What's yours?

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    Mike Tysons Punch out
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    Vice the game i play most now...

    I would have to say is a close Race between, vice city and Grand turismo 3.

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    mike tysons pounch out is second only to battle toads, greatest of all time
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    super mario brothers 3 on nintendo

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    counterstrike at the moment

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    Lunar: The Silver Star on SegaCD... it came out on PS1 as Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete. great game on both machines.... but the SCD one was alot harder
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    Vice City all the way man :D

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    oh forgot to mention my ex favorite game was GTA 3

    R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005
    You will be missed, but not forgotten......

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    right now halo, but i havent played vice city yet.

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    Starcraft, it ownz U all. BEST GAME EVER
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    Quote Originally Posted by c-mont ricer
    final fantasy 7
    thats what i was thiking before i clicked on it. thatbgame kicks ass. everything about the game kicks ass besides the graphics.

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    dragon warrior 4 for nintendo

    also shinobi for the sega master system

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    (GT3 for those that didnt get it)

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    my fav was Goldeneye for N64 best multiplayer but now i really like GTA3 and Vice City

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    has to be final fantasy 10, but not really for the game... for the story, and the fact that u actually live the life of these ppl when ur playing it.
    but on gameplay would be either gta VC or counterstrike. gt3 is good but not somin u can play almost every day for 3 years and still love (no im not joking cs is bloody addictive!)

    btw final fantasy X part 2 is coming in early 2003, tidus is alive and yunas dressing like an albehd with one very fit mini skirt :o

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    Too many awesome games out there
    1. Starcraft, i bought this game when it came out and i'm still playing it 2 years later, no game will ever match this
    2. Goldeneye
    3. Final Fantasy VII
    4. Super Mario 3\64
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    Gotta say Counter-Strike..
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    double dragons on snes

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    Gta vice city IV is my all time favorite computer game. It has wonderful console which increase better interest of gamers. It has well fight, war and racing missions which make attractive to gamers.

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