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Thread: LS + turbo, later swap in gsr

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    Heres the situation. I have a 96 Integra ls with 88K miles on it. I'm wanting to put a turbo on it for now and then in a year, or when it breaks which ever comes first, put a gsr motor in it. So which turbo kit would be easiest to change from an ls motor to gsr motor. Or am I just wasting my time by trying to do the turbo first.

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    why not just keep the boosted ls motor? b18c has higher compression.....not as boost friendly as b18b. i'm keeping my b18a1 & just building it for more boost.

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    youre engine should last more than a year with only 88k on it

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    I have to agree with the above stated comment. Because of the LS's lower compression its alot more boost friendly. Instead of getting a B18c in a year, you should consider saving the money and rebuilding your B18b1 (rods, pistons, etc) That setup will run rings around the stock c1 motor.
    Happy hunting

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    I just wanted to say I agree. Fix your Ls engine! Put turbo on it and be happy. :cool:

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    yah build the ls for turbo ls but jus for the record i love my turbo gsr hehehe

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    You dont need no stinkin GSR! If your going to invest in a turbo the LS is a much better engine for it anyway: lower compression, cheaper to buy/replace/rebuild, ect. 88k is nothing on one of those and it should be able to handle up to 9-10 psi of boost stock. Instead of wasting money on a GSR engine later sink that 4 grand into rebuilding the LS engine to handle higher boost and youll have yourself a sweet fuckin ride!

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    Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. Seems everyone is telling me the same thing, so i probably won't swap out the engine. But let me ask one more question? Somewhere else on this site someone wrote about keeping the ls bottom and putting a v-tec head on. Could anybody tell me more about this, or should I not even bother with the engine until after I put the turbo on it?

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    if you want to go ls/vtec, from what i hear it's not really a good idea to boost it. if built correctly though, it's s'posed to be a pretty powerful thing (low end torque from ls, high end hp from vtec). i always see ppl saying that if you build an ls/vtec, you should just push the n/a envelope. personally though, like i said, i'd stick with a boosted ls.

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