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Thread: someone chop my tegs spolier please

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    Default someone chop my tegs spolier please

    can someone chop a type r wing on my teg? and can i get a pic with out it on there? curious what it would look like.

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    wingless: imo looks best 8)

    R wing:
    1995 Avus Blue E36 BMW ///M3

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    yeah, i love tegs without a spoiler, but i dont wanna pay the body shop the money to properly fix it. So i was just geting some ideas.

    and somehow wanna explainto me how you do this shit? i mess wiht it but i can never seem to get it to work, with removing something from the picture.

    btw thanks bro

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    what tools are you using??? if you use the stamp tool it will help you out a great deal

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