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Thread: 89 Accord Sei 2 door - clicking noise while turning

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    Default 89 Accord Sei 2 door - clicking noise while turning

    I have an 89 Accord Sei 2 door with 60,000 original miles. I only drive this 1,000 to 2,000 miles a year, but I do operate it consistently and it has never sat for longer than a few months. For the past 32 years the car has been flawless and has given great service. Lately I'm getting a "clicking" noise when turning left or right. It sounds like it's coming directly from the wheel/drivetrain connection.

    I have been told this model has covers on the joints connecting the wheels to the drivetrain and that the lubrication can deteriorate.

    So, what should I do about this? What's the experience out there with this issue? Thanks for your help and insight!!!
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    I have a 1990 Accord that makes a bad clicking noise when I turn in either direction, and the steering wheel also shakes and kinda pulls left to right, back and forth while driving sometimes. Id like to know whats causing this Possibly bad CV joints?

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