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Thread: Accord 2002 SE Brake Light

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    Default Accord 2002 SE Brake Light

    I need to replace the brake light in the right rear quarter panel (on the body, not in the trunk lid). I have found several YouTube videos and other resources that show how to do, it appears to be simply a matter of removing the wiring connector, then rotating the bulb holder anti-clockwise to pull out.

    I am aattaching the photo from one of these websites ("Standard Honda Tail-light.jpg") that shows what the connector should look like. However, what I have in my car is quite different.

    The attached picture ("IMG_7194.jpg") shows what my connectors look like. I am sorry I can't get a better picture (hard to take a picture with one hand while holding back the carpet liner with the other) but I think the connectors can still be seen reasonably clearly. I think the one I need is the white rectangular one, not the 2 round ones, correct?

    I have no problem removing the wiring connector, but I just cannot twist the rectangular connector off. If I look closely it appears not to be a twist off at all, rather it slides in against a black plastic wedge under it (you can barely see that black plastic piece in the picture). Of course I do not want to apply too much force for fear of breaking something. I have tried pressing it in before turning and still no use.

    So, does the SE version use a different type of connector? Can someone help me understnad how to remove it? Can someone also tell me which type of bulb (brake, turn, tail, reversing) goes into each of the 3 connectors? I want to make sure I am removing the correct connector for the brake light.

    Thanks in advance!
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    OK, I figured this out. My car is a 2 door coupe, evidently it must use a slightly different setup than what I found online which I think were all for the sedan. I should have just looked in my owner's manual which showed all the details!

    There are only 2 light bulb connectors in the quarter panel on each side, not 3. These are the round ones (picture attached showing one pulled out.) The third, rectangular "connector" does not carry a light bulb, rather it houses a sensor which presumably is what determines if a bulb is burnt out. This is also what distributes the power to the 2 bulbs -- the wires first come to this "connector" and then go to the 2 bulb connectors.

    The upper bulb is the tail light and turn signal (2 filaments). The lower bulb is the tail light and brake light (they call it the stop light). Both bulbs are 3057 (not 3057R which is Red). OEM is Sylvania. Also called 3057LL for long life, there are other version such as LED etc.*

    The bulbs remove by twisting the connector 1/4 turn anticlockwise, pulling the connector with bulb out of the opening (a little tight since the wires, especially for the lower bulb,, are short) and then pulling the bulb out of the connector. The wiring does not pull out of the connector, unlike what is shown in some online videos.

    Quite straightforward once you figure it out. Posting this in case some others find themselves with the same questions.
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    Have you checked the car manual and videos on Youtube for information?

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    Great to hear you figured that one. Good future reference to the next owner.

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