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Thread: 1996 civic OBD2 to ECM comma check

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    Question 1996 civic OBD2 to ECM comma check

    Hello Esteemed Honda Mechanics....I wanted to see if I can get some help here to troubleshoot a OBD2 communication issue on my 96 civic. There is power in the OBD2; however the communications is not happening as I could see no leds showing that when I plug in my reader. According to the manual in the data link connector pin 15 there is the input/output for the OBD2. Iím assuming this serial line connects to the ECM connector A pin8 which is labeled as a k-line? When I try to measure continuity between these points, itís not showing them to be connected? Can some one verify my approach here or can give me some tips. Iím trying to determine if the problem is in the harness or if itís in the ECM. Very much appreciated!

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    Have you tried to check the manual of this car or watch tutorials online? I feel like the forum has been inactive while so finding an answer here will be tough.

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