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Thread: Rear axle line 94 accord LX

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    Hey guys my brakes went to the floor and I have traced the leak to the rear axle line that crosses the car to both back brake hoses. Iím having to do this repair myself so there it is LOL. Problem is Iím having a hard time finding this ďrear axle lineď already bent and flared and when I call around to the local parts stores they want to know if I have disc brakes or drum brakes. I have absolutely no idea how to tell what type of brakes I have. Does anyone here know? My details are, my ABS light is on, my car is a LX. They also want to know what size line I would like. Well I have absolutely no idea because I am trying to take one part off and put another One thatís why I need it already bent and flared because I canít do that however I must have brakes!! Can anyone hear help me? One company asked me if I have the part number, No and I donít know how to find it... Iím about to pull my hair out

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    I searched and for some reason couldnt find it. What would the stock axle size on a F-150 V6 Reg Cab - Short bed be? I am guessing an 8.8 but want to make sure.

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