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Thread: The Game Awards 2020

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    Default The Game Awards 2020

    Oh yeah! The Game Awards for this year will be held on December 11, 2020. Mark your calendars, fellas.
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    So, who do you think will win 2020's GotY?

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    I've just realized something, TLoU 2 is a nominee, right? The story sucks so I wouldn't bet on that game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NilesGarvin View Post
    I've just realized something, TLoU 2 is a nominee, right? The story is bad so I wouldn't bet on that game.My personal award would go to WoW, Apex Legends and Call of Duty Cold War simply because I can via Despize make my gaming a lot more entertaining by delegating my routine in the games to other players
    I think that my personal award would go to PUBG and Destiny 2
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    This event is over, I heard that Among Us won some awards. Valkyrae is the content creator of the year.

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    The hardest game i played on the classic consoles, hmm let me think. It would be Lucky Luck for the SNES. I was stuck at the first lvl for many years.

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    umm....hardest game on a classic console...I would say Battletoads, because there were many obstacles you had to overcome with almost no warning....BTW, this game was on the NES

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