2000 Accord LX V6

I couldn't reset the sudden appearance of the SRS light, so I drove the car to the dealership for inspection.

The tech, via the Mouth of Sauron Service Manager, claims the "OPDS sensor" is bad. Another SRS doodad, the "OPDS unit", resides in the seat as well, but the tech claims this part isn't bad. He determined this by reading a diagnostic code from the dealership's "Honda Factory Scan Tool". I'm bummed for several reasons...

1) The SRS light cannot be reset until the faulty part is replaced with a working part;
2) The OPDS sensor is an exponentially more expensive part than the OPDS unit;
3) The OPDS sensor is embedded in the seat back, necessitating the replacement of the seat back in its entirety, whereas the OPDS unit is a little box attached to the bottom of the seat;
4) Replacing either, or both, OPDS parts requires use of a Honda Factory Scan Tool to initialize the replaced parts with the airbag computer;
5) The Honda Factory Scan Tool costs seven hundred forty three million dollars, give or take, on sale with a coupon.

<plaintive sigh>

I've read here and elsewhere that the "OPDS sensor" rarely goes bad, and that it's much more common for the "OPDS unit" to fail despite diagnostic codes that indicate otherwise.

Anyone experienced with this issue? If so, how do I t'shoot the OPDS sensor and the OPDS unit to determine which is faulty without stupid Honda's stupid factory stupid scan stupid tool?