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    2005 Accord EX-L 3.0 6 cylinder. We got the car recently, so this is the first time we're changing the oil on it.

    When changing the oil this morning I ran into something I think is strange. After draining all the oil, I put in 3.5 qts figuring I'll add the remaining qt once the car was warmed up and on level ground. When I checked the oil with 3.5 qts in it, the dip stick read a tad above the full mark. How could it read above full, when spec-wise, it is a qt low?

    Here's another weird thing- The dip stick read right on the money before this oil change, and when (eye-ball) measuring what was taken out, I see only about 3 - 3.5 qts was removed! Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help.
    2005 Accord EX-L Sedan V6 3.0 Auto no nav
    Blue - - Gray leather interior
    115K miles - 3rd Owner - Purchased Jan 7th 2017

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    Change the filter as well? If you didn't, stop reading, go pay someone else to do it so it's done properly.

    Did you fill the oil filter with oil before attaching it? Filters will easily take a 250ml or around 1/4 of a quart for the smaller filters, a quart or 1L for larger filters. They should always be prefilled. Did you count this when micromanaging your oil fill?

    Hot drain or cold drain? Hot will ALWAYS drain more than cold. Hot will ensure the most wear particulates are in suspension when the oil is removed. Cold drains should be avoided entirely.

    Honda is a bit weird with their specs. Toyota indicates a "wet fill w/ filter" and "dry fill" amount, wet fill indicates exactly what you've done, with a filter change. dry is rebuilding the engine. Honda does not indicate which is which, personally I have nfi.

    I change the oil once the car is at operating temp then sit it for 15mins whilst I do other service things, like prefilling the new oil filter. I then change the old filter, put on the new one, put in the drain plug, put in 3/4 of the fill specs, start engine and run until operating temp then let it sit for a few minutes and check the oil level. I will then fill to a bit before the high mark - it will take less than 30 seconds for new quality oil in a warmed engine to get to the sump and this ensures you'll never overfill the engine.

    If you're doing something very dissimilar to this, you're probably doing it wrong.

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