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Thread: Honda Accord 2008 V6 RH Turn Signal on trailer plug dead

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    Smile Honda Accord 2008 V6 RH Turn Signal on trailer plug dead

    The trailer plug terminal for the RH turn signal is dead at the vehicle when tested with a meter. (Honda dealer installation of trailer plug and tow bar .. all original)

    The turn lights both front and rear are functioning normally and I can find no blown fuses.

    The problem appears to be isolated to the trailer plug. I have checked for any physical damage/ loose wire etc. and nothing unusual.

    The other trailer plug terminals including the left turn signal are functioning normally.

    I'm stumped. Any help will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks

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    Lightbulb Worked it out

    Finally worked it out...

    The rear fender was removed by the panel shop to repair a bender about 9 months ago..... instead of looping the RHS trailer harness wiring into the RH bulb, they looped that harness back onto itself.. then put it all back so neatly it looked completely normal.. a quick fix when I remembered the fender-bender and the penny dropped. re-routed the harness and all good! I should check my trailer lights more often.

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