Sorry right up front if this is posted somewhere, I've searched, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

The background....

I have a 2005 Accord 2.4 manual 5 speed that I purchased new, and at 108,000 km (out of warranty) it broke the timing chain / belt. I have the " chain / belt " because i didn't fix it, the dealership did the repair under the pretense that Honda Canada was going to come good for a lot of the repair out of a "goodwill" program. $2800 later there was no goodwill $$ and we were on the hook for the total bill. When i picked my car up one mechanic tells me the timing chain stretched and jumped the timing and broke a bunch of stuff.... a second mechanic said no, your car had a timing belt, which broke and broke a bunch of stuff. I asked for clarification, and was given some story about Honda changing from a belt to a chain in 2005 bla bla bla... and after my choice words with the dealership over the bill etc i refused to ever step foot in the dealership again.... I just took my car and went away. Jump ahead to 220,000 km and the exact same thing happened. i REFUSE to rebuild this block as it sounds to me like there might be an internal issue. I do oil changes on time well under the Manufactures recommendation, it isn't raced (actually is my wife's car) etc etc etc... i put the car in the garage and bought a throw away civic for her to drive, planning on doing the accord later.

The problem / solution

So now my oldest child is 16/17 years old and its soon time for him to get a car, well I have just the car for him . We found an engine from a 2003 CRV with an automatic transmission which I THINK is a K24A1 engine (please correct me if I am wrong) with low kms and cheap , and I THINK that my accord is a K24A4 engine (again please correct me if I am wrong). Everything I've researched tells me the K24A1 will bolt into my car fine, my question is the A1 engine being an automatic and my original A4 being a 5 speed manual, how difficult will this be? Some of the questions I am worried about are Wiring harness? ECU? Motor mounts? And of course the actual transmission to engine connection?

I am NOT a mechanic, but am "mechanically minded" and have lots of friends who are way more mechanically minded then me, however they and myself have most of our experience on American rear wheel drive style trucks etc.

So hopefully everyone is done laughing at me and the mess I'm about to get into now enough that they can tell me how bad it is going to be