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Thread: F20b auto engine?.....

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    Question F20b auto engine?.....

    good morning everyone ... I bought the jdm f20b auto version engine unknowingly i'm wondering will it still work on the f22 manual tranny and if so what on the engine needs to be changed?

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    any info will be helpful thanks.

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    Patience pays. This forum isn't very active anymore. Assuming you didn't just sit idly waiting for someone to answer your question, you've likely figured it out by now.
    Just in case...

    The engine has no idea what transmission it is mated to. The bottom end (where the transmission is mounted) is identical to the manual version. Replace the flex plate with a flywheel and you can install a clutch on that engine. All FWD F and H series engines can use transmissions found on any other F or H series engines (the ATTS units being the only issue when mounted in certain models.) - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    Thanks deevergote

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