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Thread: HELP! Multiple misfires on all cyclinders...

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    Exclamation HELP! Multiple misfires on all cyclinders...


    Where to start... I had took my 1998 Honda Accord 4 cylinder into the Honda Dealership to get checked for sputtering. My car has been sputtering really bad in idle and also when driving! The Honda dealer said I need to replace all the spark plugs and wires, also the distributor and rotor cap. While I was on my way to buy the supplies for my husband to fix, the check engine light turned on. I can't remember the exact codes that came up but it was 4 different ones, all 4 codes were for misfires on all the cylinders. In the mean time while I have been driving my car the check engine light has been flashing... A couple days later my husband and his friend replaced everything that was recommended and also the air filter. The problem with my car has been kind of fixed... My car has stopped sputtering while driving but it still sputters in idle. The check engine light is still on and still sometimes flashes.

    If anyone knows or has any suggestions on what I should replace please let me know!! I need to get my car fixed soon. I still have to drive it to work and I must admit I'm kind of scared driving it since the check engine light is flashing.

    Thank you!!

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    I had an issue with multiple misfires, it turned out to be the ELD (Electronic load detector). It's the brown block on the engine bay fuse box. But really, you should review the codes that are thrown.

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