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    After one work on front passenger door I found the window only moved downwards. I felt brave (big mistake) doing lot of erroneous things as removing the window, reseting the window controller, ... I felt so proud when I took the switch from other door getting the window going up and down without problem. At that time I said, perfect is the relay. Googled it and bought some spare relays.

    Sure someone knows the problem was not the relay... me too.... now!! the problem seems to be related to the small plastic part I am attaching slide.jpg.
    Apparently when the manual switch shifts the plastic part, spring contacts changes someway the voltages getting to the PCB PCB.jpg

    I have tried and see the effect... but do not understand how this works.
    If the part is not populated window goes down , but it doesn't go up. If the part is populated then it works both ways. Is this plastic part working as a jumper? Why is not needed when down is pressed? Any idea?? Safety?

    The sad part of the story is finding that when I replaced door actuator I lost this tiny and completely useful plastic part!!! I am the guilty one!

    Hope that understanding how it works will help me filling better.

    Honda Accord 2005 2.2 ictdi

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    Purchased a switch costing less than 20$ in Amazon (freeshipping) solved the problem. Not allowed to post the link. If someone needs it send me a message!!

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