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Thread: EK 98 CXI - Australian Car - trying to install keyless entry HELP with Wiring PLZ

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    Default EK 98 CXI - Australian Car - trying to install keyless entry HELP with Wiring PLZ

    Hi to the forum - I am new here a I have just brought an EK Honda Civic 1998 CXI hatch - it is the base model.
    Top little car love it great to drive but having to use a key is so 70's lol.
    So I purchased a TK103b car alarm and it has ability for keyless entry. the car has the motors in the doors because when you use a key it opens the other door as well.

    Now at 6 am this morning after spending a few hours during the week looking at available info online for my car I started to slowly commence this project.
    I have found that there is heaps of info on the US EX civic which is not he same as our Aussie Honda EK.

    I gave up at 4.30PM yep 10.5 hrs trying to figure out using on line searches where to hook up the positive door lock and the negative door lock wires.
    I have a multimeter and I have installed the Brain of the system and had no worries with earthing and supply it power. The brain offers many functions but I am really only wanting the GPS capibility and the keyless entry - not using the siren, engine cut off, micro phone, etc.... So I have a blue and green wire to connect to the car to make the doors lock and unlock BUT WHERE??? Sorry if I am a bit of a DIY nightmare but I am trying to learn.

    I m really stuck and probably have some heat stroke as its hot in Brizzy today - but I would really like to get this done.

    some more info
    I have a new car radio installed by the previous owner but I do have the old radio - some threads out there mention the radio has some thing to do with the key-less entry??? ( or is this just the US model as my interior light still works )

    I have tried to locate the green wiring body behind the radio area there is not one there.
    the blue wiring body in the kick panel that some threads mention does not have the right coloured wires. One thread even said it was under the back seat?

    Surely you don't have to run wires to the door? But if you do so be it.

    Any one out there who can point me in the right direction Nicely that is I would be very appreciative. Specially if you can provide picks.
    Also anywhere I can get the tech pec / service manual download for this same car EK civic 1998 hatch Aussie model(not EX)

    Thanks in advance Matt Mag Brizzy EK Honda Owner. When I do find out maybe I should do a right up and post for others?
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