Hey everybody, couldn't find anywhere else to do this so I guess right here will work I'm new to the forums and just wanted to say hi, I drive an 01 Accord EX V6 with 117k on it, got it at 114k and it's been a great investment. I'm here mainly to build up my knowledge about my car and cars in general so I can help others and myself. I don't have any major plans for my car except 300k and maybe some Type-R like mods if I have the time and cash. Now the part where I ask my question... My car has been awesome as far as performance and economy however it does throw a P0401 often at random intervals and rarely a P0402, I did some searching and found out I should probably clean out the EGR intake vent which I did. It definitely needed it but it still throws P0401. I used CRC Intake cleaner and one of those plastic straws from a WD-40 can to poke around and try to break the crap up but it always felt as if I was hitting something solid and the fluid was collecting and not going anywhere so I just assumed it was some set up like a throttle body and left it alone. Is there more carb stuck down there? I know its a really general question but I wasn't sure if anyone had any light to shed on it. Like I said, performance is great, acceleration is fine and it has plenty of power and it's getting better mileage than my old Altima with a 4cyl so I'm not even sure if it's a true code or a ECM malfunction. Any info is greatly appreciated and have an awesome day. ~DT