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Thread: 1997 Accord Problems....

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    Default 1997 Accord Problems....

    Hey guys, I got a question. I took the transmission out of my 1997 Honda Accord, I got it back in, and everything back together. Now it will not start, it will turn over though. Also I hear this clicking noise coming from underneath the hood. I am at my whits end at this point... Its been four days of pure cold hell, can anyone help me maybe figure out whats going on...

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    Sounds like your starter shit the bed. Make sure all your battery and ground connections are clean and tight. If all looks good, yank the starter and take it to your local autoparts store to get it tested (Autozone does this for sure, if you have one of those nearby.) A new starter isn't going to be crazy expensive if it comes to it. - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    Hey man, I dont think the starter is the issue. The reason I say this is that the cars turning over.

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    True. In that case, ignore that part. But check your battery and ground connections. That still applies.
    See if you can locate the source of the clicking (it was that comment that made me suggest the starter.) - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    all the connections are on, the clicking is coming directly from underneath the dash in the cab of the car

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    Ok. Are the connections clean?

    The clicking is coming from under the dash, or under the hood? Is it a repetitive clicking, or does it click just once?

    The culprit is likely your battery or battery connections. - 1990-1993 Honda Accord forum

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    the clicking is constant, and I think under the steering wheel

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