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Thread: '08 Civic, A/C compresser won't come on, freon is full.

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    Unhappy '08 Civic, A/C compresser won't come on, freon is full.

    I have a 2008 Honda Civic which I love dearly. Has 95K miles, bought from dealer few years ago, used with 56K. A/C went out, dealer fixed it. Found low pressure hose fill valve leaking, replaced. Also replaced cabin air filter and inside/outside air door actuator. Cold as could be, lasted almost two years.

    About a week ago, I noticed the A/C cutting out, shut it off, come back on cold, would not stay cold. I went to a friend, he put refrigerant in it with the parts store fill can. Compressor came on, nice and cold, compressor stopped again, will not come on at all. I bought another can of refrigerant with a reusable gauge on it, and the freon is not low at all, it was quite high. I bled some off, still, the compressor will not come on at all. Must be electrical and I am an electronic tech, but I cannot find any sort of service manual or electrical diagram for a 2008 Honda Civic, anywhere. Yes, I am too poor to buy one, waiting on medical disability claim stops me from working.

    I thought there was a refrigerant pressure switch, too low and stops the compressor to avoid burning it out. I cannot find one in the car. I hear there is a temperature switch on the compressor and another switch for something under the receiver/dryer in the passenger cabin. Not easily accessible. I can check switched with a digital meter, but the compressor cable has 3 wires. Not sure what other sensors there are and how to get to the connectors. Also I understand there is an A/C clutch relay which I can check if I knew where it was and which one in the box under the hood.

    I attached some photos of the car, the refrigerant lines, the compressor, and the main fuse/relay box. I can test fuses and relays, but not if I don't know which ones they are. Nothing in the main box is labeled as "A/C" or "Compressor". So I have no idea of what to check. The compressor does work, the system is fully charged with refrigerant, and the compressor clutch never comes on at all anymore. Any ideas?

    I tried using Civic manuals from different years but they are not help at all with this car.

    Can someone give me a heads up here please as to what to look for, where to find it, and what to check? A service manual, pictures, diagrams, and part details would be a huge plus. Please, I really need your help guys.
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