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Thread: Stock JDM H22A in 90 Accord Turbo Setup?

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    Lightbulb Stock JDM H22A in 90 Accord Turbo Setup?

    Need some help guys. I've researched and researched and also posted many questions on forums about turbo-ing my h22a. I know that they can handle 7psi (less the better on stock).
    Internals on my h22a are complete stock and I don't have the money for a breakdown and rebuild and can't seem to find a wet kit that would allow me any savings money wise. What would be the best route for more power? Turbo just boosting under 7lbs? Recommendations on a great turbo setup for h22a would be awesome! Or a N/A setup or just start putting money back for a wet spray setup? Any other build ideas for my engine to get some more power..power power powerrrr!!

    -JDM H22A Engine Swapped into 90 accord
    -LSD Tranny
    -Brembo Ceramic Brake Pads
    -Skunk2 Suspension
    -5Ziggen Exhaust
    -Short Shifter
    -NGK Sparks
    -NO P/S
    -New Bushings/Bearings

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    Default Stock JDM H22A in 90 Accord Turbo Setup

    I join. And I have faced it. Let's discuss this question.

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    Default Stock JDM H22A in 90 Accord Turbo Setup

    hi guys, i just want to know if you guys could please let me know what i have to do to the engine to get it ready to make boost...its an all stock 5sfe. but i dont know if i have to change any engine internals or what would be best to do to the engine. Im really not looking to do a swap on it and just want to see if i can put a turbo on it. want this as my project car...thanks

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    Default -

    the only big difference is the head. the block is the same. the intake is the same. they have a better head and ecu. that's it really. we have the better fuel setup. we have the better turbo. the exhaust is the same.
    and you can run way more than 275 on the stock block. the first demon to go is the ecu. after that you'll find the ct series turbo is the problem.

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