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Thread: DevSport Grounding Kits | Power Steering Looping Kits

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    Default DevSport Engine Grounding Kits | Power Steering Looping Delete Kits

    Just released! Click the product header for more info!

    Grounding Kit - Click for more info
    DevSport grounding kits are made out of high quality copper wire. DevSport grounding cables use the highest quality gold terminal ends. All terminals are soldered to the cable. This eliminates the possibility for the terminals to come loose during high vibrations.

    These are made for B/D-Series Engines & K-Series Applications

    Power Steering Looping Kit - Click for more info
    Our power steering looping kit is designed to loop your steering rack for those who wish to delete there power steering. This kit uses durable lightweight hoses and the highest quality AN fittings.
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    Just wondering if anyone in the area is using these kits, as well as if your satisfied with the product? Let me know because Im thinking of getting one for my E30. Or if you know if anyone is selling a kit.

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