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Thread: t3 .42/.48 turbo

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    Default t3 .42/.48 turbo

    hey guys, i have the chance to buy a t3 .42/.48 a/r turbo from a saab. is it any good for a build to reach 190whp?

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    What engine, what boost, what compression. Need a lot more info to run with this one. turbo tech, read 101 and 102, 103 if you dare. Have calculator handy.

    92 HONDA CIVIC EX (EH9) D16Z6 Vitara build and stuffing boost down her throat!!

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    Default t3 42/ 48 turbo

    hey man im intirested in seein how this turns out. i have a 96 ls too and im lookin to put a 60trim into mine but all i got yet is the turbo. keep postin progress pics

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    Default t3 42/ 48 turbo

    Yari is drive By cable, but, you can turbo, believe me,
    I have been chating to Citroen, and Toyota Aygo Owners that has done it,
    and it works, you do not need it have to be a normal cabe to charge it...

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    Yes, we use a NIB version from Garrett that is basically the same as that old Saab/Thunderbird straight T3. It'll make upwards of 250whp range on D/B series motors.

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    Default t3 42/ 48 turbo

    I have a 86 GN and the turbo on the car has a turbonetics "T" on the inlet side and "greedy" on the exhaust side. does anyone know what type of turbo this might be? If I need more info to be provided just let me know what. THANKS for any help.

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