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Thread: Opinion on good turbo parts.

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    Default Opinion on good turbo parts.

    I am looking to maybe put a turbo into my 96 civic and was wondering about good companies to get parts from and the kind of prices I can expect to pay. I am not interested in buying a complete kit right now, just want to part one together over the course of the next several months. Also, I am not looking to have a crazy powerful system in my car, just a little something extra. This guy on craigslist has a meutek cast iron manifold with 38MM WG for 80$. Think its a good place to start?

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    Personally I would call the manufacturer of the parts in question and ask some tech questions and get a feel if this is a company you can trust, a good company will back up a product regardless if you bought it from them (minus warranty issues of course).

    As for good companies there are always the major players like Greddy, HKS, Turbonetics ect.

    I personally have a full greddy kit on my GSR and have found their tech support to be a great asset to me during the build, I also got the kit used.

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    Default Opinion on good turbo parts

    thanks guys for some info
    mr.af2 1000.00 in what parts do i need to get i can handle that i think i am pretty good with parts if guys need list parts i have tell what i got you tell me what i need this is the most info i got two months

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