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Thread: Want to turbo my civic

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    Question Want to turbo my civic

    sup ya i want to know what i would need to turbo my 96 4door civic D15b vtec motor can u send me a link of some kits i jus want to run like 8/15 pounds of boost and a cheap turbo kit NEED HELP!!!!??????????????

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    8-15 pounds wow so you are going to build your engine then I see, is that why you want the cheap kit? to save money for the rebuild?

    Honda motors in stock form can't reliably handle more then 9 pounds, any more that that you run the risk of blowing a rod in the least. Honda rods are toothpicks if you want to push more than 7-9 pounds you should consider upgrading internals and valve train.

    You know what that might be a little off for a SOHC, 8 might work fine I'm running a DOHC, but you might want to call around and ask some turbo manufacturers to be sure.

    To find cheap kits just google your engine # turbo kits I found alot in the under 500 range. I hope this helps.
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    Default Want to turbo my

    Ebay turbo kits?

    I had one on my 254k mile ls motor in my eg. The turbo was fine, rfl type bov leaked, replaced with real, wastegate never tried it, used a turbonetics I had laying around, but it always worked fine for like 3 years and 40k miles.

    If you have a beater you want to make quick/fun for cheap, go for it. Otherwise, nahhh

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    hmmm Turbo is used in mostly race and this is totally danger for you and your life also and turbo want to 140 KMW and then you have used to it other wise turbo have increased the engine problem.

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    Default Want to turbo my civic

    Many thanks for the help in this question, now I will know.

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