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Thread: Want to turbo my D16Z6?????

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    Talking Want to turbo my D16Z6?????

    I want to get ideals of the best way to make some good horsepower but with little help from shops?? First i live in italy stationed here Army not Air Force. There are no shops that i know of or found that can do the tuning part of the installation. Okay so what is a good turbo kit to buy?? What are some good internals?? Last is i might not be able to get the block bored either. So I want ideals on this. Please show your love for my motivation to kill some beamers and benz.

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    dude your italy get a fricken ferarri or a lambo...

    cant find a maching shop or a tuner eh? bolt ons, good clutch and flywheel,obx lsd, wet nitrous.. msd sci with the timing retard option and slicks

    my .02
    93' civic si b16 sir2... sold
    93' civic cx.... got hit by semi..have a 94 teg now just rebuilt ls with p30 pistons and got a sir2 lsd trans... and more.....

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    I think i might be able to find a machine shop. If i do find one what is the best way for the bottom and top end work?? Also what is a good turbo kit to start with i found a greedy one for like 1300 but comes with no intercooler.

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    just get ARP head studs... cannot stress that enough, unless you want to blow every head gasket you install.

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    check out they have some very good qaulity turbo kits.
    Boosted Dc5 441whp 303wtq

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    oh i forgot, its pretty pricy
    Boosted Dc5 441whp 303wtq

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