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Thread: Honda Civic 1994 (EG8 Sedan) D15B2

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    Default Honda Civic 1994 (EG8 Sedan) D15B2

    Hi everyone, i got Honda Civic 1994 (EG8 Sedan) D15B2 DPFI, im intrested in making turbo project at home on this engine... Wanted to ask, is that good choice to buid turbo on this engine? If, yes, then what parts i will be needed if i dont want to swap my intake mainfold???

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    first off you need to do a mpfi conversion.. you will never be able to get enough fuel with a dpfi set up

    so sorry about your bad luck.. the intake will have to be swapped

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    yes, its now in process, Iam swaping in D16Z6 intake manifold + harness + P28 ECU...

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