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Thread: Built h22 Manifold options

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    Hey everyone. I have hit a snag on my build yet again. I can't seem to find a good flowing turbo manifold that is A/C compatible. Ya I know I am a loser for putting ac back in my built prelude, but i live in south florida. I even called someone who fabs up mani's for a living and he said we would have to relocate your alternator and remove the ac compressor. Screw that. I didnt think going with a good flowing manifold ment loosing your ac.
    P.S. The emgine is a sleeved h22 with weisco 9:1 pistons, eagle rods and a stock valve train. Thanks for you help

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    not too many options for a "good" manifold with ac. Most of them will be log style for the h22 if you wanna keep ac.

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    Nice, I need to know about this too. I gotta have A/C on mine since its too damn hott when summer's here.

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