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    Default shaft play

    I bought a turbo from a person. Well it has some shaft play in it. how would you go to fixing something like that. its a SC61 precision turbo if that helps. it only has about 100 miles on it

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    some turbos have shaft play so they get good oil flow. soon as it gets oil pressure the shaft play is very minimal. now if it has excesive shaft play you might need a rebuild kit which you could mybe find on ebay or a good turbo site.

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    well if i really push on pretty sure it could be touch the side....i went to go check agian..shes shaking pretty hard. do you thik a ebay kit would do it..i almost dont want to trust ebay. whe i free spin sounds like one fin may be touching?? can some one help me find a spot to rebuild this thing lol. umm, i was thinking about calling precision to rebuild it.

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    well best way to tell if its acceptable shaft pla is to grab both sides of teh shaft and see if you have north/south movement together. As in the whole shaft moves independently of the seals. If so best thing to do would be to contact a precision dealer and send it in for repair. If its just a seal kit then it usually only rns about 120 bucks. Not to bad. As long as the shaft isnt bent or the if the housing isnt cracked you will be ok.

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    Default shaft play

    I noticed that my pinion and shaft to the clutch has a little play, i called hpi and they said it should have no more than 1/16th play mine might be a little more is this normal and if i wanted to tighten it how do i go about this? do i tighten from the fly wheel side or what? manual doesnt tell me this in detail. thankyou

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    most likely if it is out of spec as in touching the housing time for rebuild.

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    wtf... havent been on here for a long time.

    well that turbo was junk. just bought a PTE6262BB instead. i think its bigger and it spools faster anyways.

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