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Thread: Steam IDs

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    Default Steam IDs

    Windward is actually a lot of fun for 9-10. Its a roleplaying game where youre a ship and you go around doing quests, leveling up, and getting new gear to do more quests. Multiplayer is pretty fun too and an easy way to get started.

    Banished is 75 off and still one of my favorites.

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    Default Steam IDs

    These are totally free. No strings attached, you dont even have to play with me. I received the Digital Edition of Talisman for free when I purchased it for myself.
    Id just need your Steam ID to send over to you.

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    Default Steam IDs

    Alex SDU - currently playing COD4:MW & MW3.

    Games I play in Steam:
    Day of Defeats: Source
    Counter Strike: Source
    IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946
    Battlefield 2
    Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45
    Darkest Hour: Eurore 44-45
    Red Orchestra 2

    I got other games from Steam that I didnt bother to post it here, coz I didnt play them that much.

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    May I still add my Steam ID? I'd love to join the whole gaming group.

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