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Thread: Steam IDs

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    I only play 1.6 and I'm really really good at it. Source to me plays like garbage, but everyone and their mother cheats in 1.6. So meh, Idk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caleb View Post
    I only play 1.6 and I'm really really good at it. Source to me plays like garbage, but everyone and their mother cheats in 1.6. So meh, Idk.
    I have never played 1.6

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    Its way more fast paced, better keyboard and mouse response, takes more skill imo. Runs in opengl instead of direct 3d. But I enjoy the game a lot.
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    i remember playing CS during the WON online era... but i haven't been much of a Steam CS user at all. that was also when TFC was worth a shit and HLDM was actually fun to play.

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    I played 1.5 and maybe even before that but when source came I jumped on it and never looked back. - Online League Racing

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    My old laptop never could play 1.6, by the time I got a new computer, CS:S had come out

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    Tearing it up early winter/spring of this year
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caleb View Post

    Tearing it up early winter/spring of this year
    everything about that vid screams hax.

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    a lot of that is very suspect
    too tall

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    Gimpy, I don't know the first thing about using cheats except I know that there are different variations of wallhack and aimbot. Some of that footage was from the ESEA matches I had running their ESEA Client that monitors every action you do. Plus takes random screen shots during the match and uploads them to their Anti-cheat ESEA server for review. I've played this game since 2000 son, recognize the skills.

    Btw: My other 2 videos that I have are up there underneath more videos from this user but the audio was rejected from them . But that kind of shows where I was in 2004-2006 roughly with skill.

    EDIT: Also if you care enough I can upload my sick ass inferno match demo where I did pull a lot of crazy shots/clutchs.
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    I played 1.6 and it was meh, I'll just stick to playing source!

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    ID is ISPKI
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    down to play w.e

    protect ya neck

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    Pun was here.

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    Default Steam IDs

    Ive come to realize that its not Steam, but something going on with my PC overall. Ive decided to do a windows reinstallation, and taking the opportunity to upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit, and Ill consider this a bit of spring cleaning.

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    Default Steam IDs

    These are totally free. No strings attached, you dont even have to play with me. I received the Digital Edition of Talisman for free when I purchased it for myself.
    Id just need your Steam ID to send over to you.

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    Default Steam IDs

    Alex SDU - currently playing COD4:MW & MW3.

    Games I play in Steam:
    Day of Defeats: Source
    Counter Strike: Source
    IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946
    Battlefield 2
    Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45
    Darkest Hour: Eurore 44-45
    Red Orchestra 2

    I got other games from Steam that I didnt bother to post it here, coz I didnt play them that much.

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    Default Steam IDs

    Post about what you got and, if you want, your thoughts on the games if youve played them yet.

    So far, Ive picked up...
    Quake 2
    Quake 4
    DOOM 3
    Hitman: Blood Money

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    Default Steam IDs

    Its pretty much petered out for me, interest wise, as I have a lot of the stuff I want already.

    Still I picked up Mad Max for 20 bucks. so 2/3s off.

    Not sure when Ill get to it since Im playing Fallout 4 but someday.

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    Default Steam IDs

    I hadnt been on my PC for awhile and when I realized I had been missing the sale I figured Id lost out on some deals. After a few days of looking at the specials Ive realized that there just arent many games I have any interest in that I havent already picked up while on sale in the past.

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    Default Steam IDs

    I have three copies of Talisman: Digital Edition and two copies of the DND Arcade Game chronicles of Mystara. Free to anyone who wants a copy.

    Also - Still have a second copy of HL2 if someone wanted it before HL3 is released.

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    Default Steam IDs

    Want a copy of the DnD Arcade Games too? Sent friend request in the short term while I try to figure out if I can send the gift just by the Steam ID. Used to be able to but now it says by email or uses my friends list.

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