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Thread: Some classic cars

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    Default Some classic cars

    On aug 25th was Cruisin for a cause day at all A&W locations across Canada, had a decent little turnout here in Victoria, B.C.

    Here are a few of the pictures I snapped


    Off to another car show tomorrow, will post some pictures of the event.

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    I'm enjoying these photos. Too bad for Photobucket being a prick, watermarking all non-premium accounts.

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    I would love to see those beauties in person.

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    They look so pretty, I am such a fan of old cars.

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    What are your favorite car brands, Morgan?

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    I want to buy purple buick sometime and living my best life

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    or the red one to travel through France

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    That red car would be great not only in France but also in Italy and Spain

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    The beauty of those oldies never fades!

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