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Thread: Introduction Thread

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    My name is Ron and I DD a 87 Integra and weekend a 03 RSX

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    Hey, I'm junojim, have been smitten with Honda/Acura since the 80's. I'm looking to buy a integra and am wondering if it possible to boost gas milage up to what the honda hatchbacks gets?

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    On my 87 Teg we changed the 5th gear to one out of an Accord and it lowered the rpms by almost 1k... I get around 5 more mpg now.

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    Hi I'm Angel (HerAcura) My husband and I own 3 rides:

    92 Honda Civic Hatch - Turbo'd/
    04 Scion xB - DD/My Show car
    Recent addition : 91 Ac Integra... to be whatever I want one day

    We are currently re-do'in the Acura. And if I could show you pics I would...

    When I bought it, it was blue (made me sick blue) Today it's Blitz Blk
    We purchased a 97 LS motor from HMOTORS Online (beautiful engine) and are currently re-wiring the harness so I can drop in the engine.

    I used to have a 91 Blk Teggy before I sold it for my Scion.. . I regretted it so much I BOUGHT ANOTHER !!!

    So I'm glad to be back !

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    Default Hey All

    Ki Ora
    Names Brad
    From New Zealand
    Got a Automotive shop here
    Like me Hondas
    Got a Couple Da's
    Peace Out

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    hello Im new to the site I have a 2004 NBP Acura RSX type S with a full-race turbo, tuned on e85 running 15psi on a Gt35r.

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    hey new to this site, Names tj my friends gave me the nickname DrAcura(band called Dr.Acula) cause of how much i love my acura, young and still learning got my first acura last november bought a 2002 rsx-s since getting it money got tight and i have only gotten a few things done, Intake, CC stage 2, 7.5lb flywheel, blacked out the headlights (want HID's), short shift adapter, IMG, Painted Calipers. Have loved every second with my car thus far and hope to enjoy my time on this site

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    Hi all. My name is Lu. I'm super new to Hondas and cars, but I'm hopeful to getting into the whole tuning. I have an 87 Integra LS manual transmission. I love her a lot and hope to never have a reason to sell her.

    Daily: 1990 CRX
    otherwise 87 Integra

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    Hi my name is Jayson and I admire the information that hondahookup has to offer. Thank you for viewing.oh yeahhh and I drive an integra
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    Hello my name is Angel I'm from California (the I.E. of course) and I'm proud to say that my first car is a 1991 Acura Integra GS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backwoodz Tuner View Post
    what up teg lovers ? My name is Joe aka the Backwoodz Tuner. I'm currently in the middle of a turbo B18C1 build up. And im from Oregon . my favorite model car is the 3rd gen 2 dr Integras
    Whats going on suckas. My name is Jose and im from washington. I drive a DA, check my sig for more info on it. My dream Honda is a 2001 Black RHD ITR Stock

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    hey my name is nathon i stay in tacoma im trying to get my da on the road.SO THAT I CAN PULL ON RICERS(=

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    Hi everyone!

    Name's Dave. Live in Northeast MA. 2005 Type S. Drove the car once and knew it was perfect. Nothing real crazy. KONI Yellow Dampers, Tein springs, 17" Motegi SP10, exhaust, Ingalls Torque Damper, Energy Suspension Motor mount inserts. Post some pix soon

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    Im kim. I have a 97 Integra fully custom interior after a water leak. All redone by my man and I. It is not letting me post pictures though. I will figure it out. Im in CT. Motor is fully stock for now. Working on the second project GSR now but that one is a surprise!

    Looking for the mechanics guide and wiring guide for 97 Integra.

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    Leo aKa Bentong from the Sunshine State.

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    Toronto ON, Canada


    Hi everyone, my name is Hugh Jass. I drive a mad tyte jdm y0 Integra.

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    yo jive turkeys....i just found this ima noob...ive got a 92 integra LS B18A1 with a spyder kit and gunmetal 17's...painted Championship White...lowered 1-1/4 all way round'...CAI, greddy header, hks catback exhaust, and a few more boo has been a project for a few years now...hoping i can drop that B18C5 in her soon...just bought my first house with a 2 car garage here in im hoping i can get back to work on her soon...will post pics as soon as i can...introducing THE new guy <----------

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    Hi just got a 1997 Integra from my aunt. With engine light on, srs on and abs on. I am going to work on it and I think this site would help me a lot.

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    Hi my name is Rob I just aquired a 1991 Integra Ls. I do not know what route I want to go with my project yet. I plan on rebuilding the current engine cleaning it up porting and polishing, and adding bolt on parts, I would like to have a daily driver/show car with about 200-250 hp range. I just started work on it this weekend and plan on doing almost everything from interior to engine work my self.

    I am the defintion of a newb since this is the first ever forum I have ever posted into!

    1.All advice is welcome

    2. I am ballin on a buget.

    3.Im in the Jacksonville fl area.

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    What up. Eli from Portland, Or. 91 Itegra 4 door.

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    Wink Sexiness is my specialty ;) Intro

    What up everybody. My name is Peter. I just joined this forum and would like to introduce myself. My pride and joy is my Da9 Integra. Purchased it almost 2 years ago and now I finally have it lookin proper. bought it bone stock with a couple problems from a 15 and a half year old kid.

    Went to this car meet yesterday morning (Feb. 25) in Seattle Wa. At Alki Beach and was seeing if anybody on here has pics of the meet.

    Here's a pic of Cherry Blossom. I'll post more in the pic/showthread section.

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    Default new member - help!

    I am replacing the AC compressor on my wife's 1999 Acura Integra. The AC clutch burned out, the compressor was OK otherwise. The wire to the clutch apparently burned out when the clutch died. I have a 4 inch wire with a bare end and can't find the matching end (which supplies the power). Any idea where to find a photo on this site, or elsewhere? Thanks in advance.


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    I used to be on this forum years ago, but fell out of the online honda scene.. I'm from Alabama. I drive a 1994 Acura Integra GSR with fully built LS/vtec and ITR transmission. Mods listed:

    Making 217whp ALL MOTOR tuned on Hondata s100.
    LS block bored to 81.5mm
    eagle H beam rods
    manley forged 12.5:1 pistons
    arp head studs
    arp rod bolts
    moroso alum oil pan w/ kickout
    z10 girdle
    endyn catch can for crankcase ventilation
    GSR head w/ stage 2 port and polish and new valve guides/seals
    crower dual valvesprings w/ ti retainers and ferrea race valves
    skunk 2 cam gears
    crower stage 2 cams
    aem fuel rail
    walbro 255lph fuel pump
    RC 440cc injectors
    skunk2 pro series intake manifold
    68mm professional products TB
    ngk plugs and wires
    innovative motor mounts
    cometic 2 layer head gasket
    4-1 stainless header
    2.5" headerback exhaust
    ITR trans with LSD
    ACT 6 puck unsprung clutch
    D2 coilovers

    My EK Civic - four.door.
    Turbo D16 R.I.P. - cracked ring
    USDM B18C1 R.I.P. - spun bearing
    B20/VTEC in the works...

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    Hi everyone!

    I just bought a 96 Acura Integra LS for my wife and know I'm gonna need a forum like this to try and keep me from losing my mind.

    It has a couple issues that concern me but I wont drag it into the introduction thread. I'll can gather some more info, find my code reader, see what it tells me, kick myself in the head for buying it then try to figure out if I can deal with it then post in the appropriate place and wipe the tears out of my eyes, stick my head up my butt and pray for a cheap solution... LoL

    I'll get a picture of it and toss it up later, was a good deal I think but was lied to, broke and hoping to be able to deal with it on my own. I am handy and have been tinkering with my back yard mechanic shinadagins for 30 some odd years and can do most my own work.... trouble shooting???? Well... THATS not my gig. LoL

    Have a good one


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    Hi, I'm Nick and I daily drive my built, supercharged Vivid Blue 06 RSX-S in Pittsburgh, PA.

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