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Thread: D2 Racing RS Coilover System 36 way adjustable! Free gift.

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    Default D2 Racing RS Coilover System 36 way adjustable! Free gift.

    Again prices are to low to list so give us a call or PM us. Any where from 20%-35% off MSRP.

    How can I make this deal sweetier huh?
    I know Free T-shirt with purchase you just pay shipping & handling charges.
    I have NGK,Koni,Apexi, No tune,No life and HKS T-shirts and JDM badges shirts (Student drivers/Elderly drives).
    Ladies HKS topps also.

    The RS coilover system is a 36 way dampner and rebound adjustable monotube full coilover system. The setup has seperate height and preload adjustments allowing for optimal adjustment and allowing full strut travel at all times along with pillowball upper mounts or top mounts*. Mounts are constructed of 6061 powder coated aluminum. Threads are teflon coated to prevent rust. Rebuildable and serviceable in the US.

    Key Features:

    * 36-way adjustable dampening

    * Made from high quality 6061 Aluminum with T6 for increased hardness

    * Compression/Rebound adjustable

    * Adjustable spring perch for height adjustment

    * Adjustable body allowing maximum suspension travel

    * Pillow Ball Top Mount w/ adjustable camber (not available for some models)

    * Monotube High Pressure Design reduces oil leakage

    * Electroplated body for protection from corrosion and rust

    * One Year Limited Warranty.

    Replacement springs are available for most applications in 3.5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 and 21kg ratings.
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    HID kits for $80.00
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    Default D2 Racing RS Coilover System 36 way adjustable Free

    Type: Skunk2 Coilover sleeves
    Setup: Street

    Pros: Very cheap for something with adjustable ride height. They ride pretty nicely while your struts are still good and I felt a pretty good handling improvement over stock.

    Cons: The car made horrible "thump" noises when i went over large bumps. Stock struts went out after 5 months even while I was on the highest possible setting on the front.

    Ill be adding Koni Yellows with these soon, and Ill post another review
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    Default -

    The SE that I have bought is fitted with this system .

    Is there anyone on here that uses this suspension and if so what settings are you using foe normal road use?


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