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Thread: BOLT KTIS! (Engine bay WOOT!!)

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    Default BOLT KTIS! (Engine bay WOOT!!)

    Hey HondaHookUp! I am stocking more bolt kits. I believe some of you purchased them before. Don't know what I am talking about???

    I'm offering these washers and bolts in a 20 piece kit. These are enough to do an ef/eg/da/ek/em1/em2/ep3/WRX/Evo/Scions/DSM's engine bays, and with 5 left over in case you find somewhere else you want to put them!

    The washers will NOT be spray painted. I am offering the washers POWDERCOATED, so they will not scratch or crack up like the spraypainted ones will.

    So, Recap:

    -20 Bolts
    -POWDERCOATED, No cheap Sh33t here!
    -I'm not going to rip you off.

    Here are some pictures from the last run:

    Standard Colors are: Candy Red, Candy Blue, Candy Purple, Candy Green, And Mirror Black!

    Custom Colors are available for an extra $10.00

    Colors available for custom are below:

    Colors candys !

    Reg colors!
    satin black
    flat black
    glossy black
    mirror black
    red wrinkle
    Met silver
    mirror silver
    Neon pink
    neon yellow
    dark green

    Kit 1 - 20 washers powdercoated with BLACK STEEL BOLTS : $40.00 Shipped
    Kit 2 - 20 washers powdercoated w/ SILVER STAINLESS BOLTS : $50.00 Shipped
    Kit 3 - 20 washers plain stainless w/ black bolts : $20.00 shipped
    Kit 4 - 20 washers plain stainless w/ stainless bolts : $30.00 shipped
    Kit 4 - 20 GOLD washers w/ black bolts: $30.00 shipped
    Kit 5 - 20 GOLD washers w/ stainless bolts: $40.00 shipped

    I accept, debit/credit, paypal, and money orders. All credit card orders will be done through Secure Google Checkout. This making it secure because your credit card number will never be revealed to me.

    All washers will be shipped in a padded box and each washer will be on a ziptie with construction paper in between so there will be no scratches in shipping!

    Each of these kits will fit:

    -ALL HONDA's
    -02+ WRX/STi
    -1g and 2g DSM's
    -SRT 4's / Neon's
    -And many more!

    These do Hood, Fenders, Headlights, bumper, and radiator support bolts!

    If a vouch list is needed, please inquire!

    Candy Red, Candy Blue, Candy Purple, Candy Green, Mirror Black, and Gold are in stock!

    If you have any questions, let me know!

    Adam McLaughlin
    AIM: addsmack
    Email : [email protected]
    Phone : 734-934-2321

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    Forgot to add... paypal is [email protected]

    Installed pics:


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    New stock arrived today!!! Will post pics of the new colors in stock tonight.

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    New stock:

    Candy Green, Candy Blue, Candy Red, Candy Purple, Mirror Black, and Gold!

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    Anyone actually check the vendor forums? If so, first one to respond to this message gets $5.00 off an order.... Even if it's not bolt kits... or on bolt kits...

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    Do you have a nice blue colour? If so, could you post a picture or two. And can you lug nuts?

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