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    Quote Originally Posted by D-Atk View Post
    Can someone please take this thread out of it's misery?
    its ebeef, nothing gets locked here

    and shrink your fucking sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdmaccord View Post
    Harry u need to post your picture so i can beat my dick to it.
    ok, but I'm keeping it above the waist, I don't want hondagirl seeing it and dropping lylnikil like a hot steaming pile of monkey feces. Nobody deserves that kind of rejection

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    huh? yeah what he said... >.<!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHiznt Auto View Post
    huh? yeah what he said... >.<!
    your car has to be one of the biggest pieces of shit ever built. It makes me want to puke.
    本田1991 Acura Integra H22A-LSD本田
    ^Click For Info On Car^
    VTEC is NOT "V-tec", "V-TEC", "V-tech", "V-TECH", "VTECH", "V-TEK", "vtech", "vtec", "vortech", "Vtec", or "Vtech". It's CAPITAL VTEC.
    No dashes, no lower case, no extra letters, not anything other than the correct and only spelling of VTEC. Period.

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    If they run your plates, they get your name. I dont know if they still do but Washington used to run TIEPIN which would list a temperament score that would tell them if you had a concealed pistols permit.

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    hondagirl, stop posting usless shit in the lounge.

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