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Thread: Tokico Shocks Honda/Acura Applications

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    Default Tokico Shocks Honda/Acura Applications

    i have some really good prices on these shock and usually sell them with the tein springs, skunk2 springs, or h&r springs.

    there a great product and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.



    86-89 Integra
    90-93 Integra
    94-02 Integra including GSR

    96-01 Type R

    RSX 03-06


    86-89 Accord
    90-97 Accord
    98-02 Accord
    03-07 Accord V6 Cpe

    89-91 Civic/CRX
    92-00 Civic
    01-02 Civic 2 door
    01-02 Civic 4 Door

    02 Civic si
    05-05 Civic including Si

    94-97 Civic Del Sol

    92-01 Prelude

    Illumina Series


    86-89 Integra
    90-93 Integra
    94-01 Integra

    96-01 Interga Type R


    90-97 Accord
    98-02 Accord

    89-91 Civic /Crx
    92-00 Civic
    93-97 Civic Del Sol

    92-01 Prelude

    If you guys have any questions on the prices PM me

    Email me at

    [email protected]

    1727 N ARIZONA AVE STE 3
    CHANDLER AZ 85225

    480 306 7199

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    price check for a 92 prelude SI. lookin for a full coil over conversion at a reasonable price.

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    Default 1991 HONDA CRX SI

    What do you have for a 1991 CRX SI. Just a toy not a daily driver. Has original suspension. I need new shocks. Might want to do an occasional Autocross. What do you recommend and sell for me?
    [email protected]

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    Default Tokico Shocks Honda/Acura Applications

    Are shocks and struts the same? Does my civic have both? Whats the difference between them/how do they work?

    thanks alot for the info.

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    Default Tokico Shocks Honda/Acura Applications

    Not that Ive ever played with the ones on a honda, but on my moms jeep, there is a clip that must be removed and then the shock just pops off.

    Where are our hatch people?

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    Default Tokico Shocks Honda/Acura Applications

    shocks usually just dumpen the motion of the spring while the strut acts as a shock and a spring but not to the extent a spring does hoever there is not too much difference between the 2 and can be refered as both.

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